I'm Ready to Save my Marriage. Show Me How!

Client Success: Nick & Kelly Denman

Learn how Nick won Kelly's heart and head back to the marriage, even after YEARS of Kelly's unhappiness and demands for a divorce  -- and see how in eight short weeks how he was able to win her back and become the couple who fell in love 28 years ago all over again.

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As a professional man --  a business owner / entrepreneur --  or a man with a great job, you are at LEAST 10% more likely to have a failed marriage than other men. 


And, in many ways, that’s not your fault. 


You simply followed the roadmap you were given - 


You know the one…


It’s the same path so many of us thought we were supposed to take:  


Go to school. Study hard. Get a great job -- or better yet -- build a business. Start building a family. 


It probably felt like once you secured all that success -  


That everything else would just fall into place. 


Instead, you’re living a reality you never expected. 


Where your wife feels more like a stranger than a partner. 

And you realize, with bone-chilling clarity, that everything is very close to falling apart. 


The more you try to make things better…the worse they seem to get. 


And each day it feels like she’s slipping further away to a place that feels more and more impossible to reach.


Brother, you are on the seat of a passenger train heading straight for a cliff. 


If you don’t want it all to come crashing down, you must decide to TAKE ACTION. 


Your family needs someone to be the hero in this story. And the person best suited for this challenge - is you. 


I already know that you are no stranger to hard work. 


You’ve already built a successful career that required no shortage of perseverance, dedication, and strength. 


Today, brother, I invite you to put that work back into your marriage; 


And to find success in your relationship the same way you found success in your work - 


Through the guidance of men who have achieved what you want - 


And unshakeable commitment to the valuable task in front of you.   

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Client Success: John & Janie Dickinson - He Heard Her Heart & That Melted Hers

Learn how John overcame Janie only feeling safe when he was literally 1,000 miles away, and won her back happier than ever.

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Hi, I’m Bob Gerace. 


Today, I’m a marriage & intimacy expert, certified master life coach, and Founder/CEO of the Real Man Revolution.


But years ago, I stood where you stood.


When my wife told me she was fed up and ready to walk out the door, it scared me straight. Up to that point, I thought I had done everything I was supposed to do: 


I provided for her, I built a successful business to support our lives, we had beautiful children whom we adored, and yet….


She was incredibly unhappy. And she blamed it all on me.  


It felt like everything was crumbling down around me. I was furious with myself and desperate to save our marriage, but I didn’t know what to do next.  


It took a very real conversation with my pastor and months of deep scriptural study before I had an epiphany: The way we as society teach men to view their marriage (and their lives) is totally and completely wrong. The “roadmap” I had been so sure would lead me to success in my life, instead, led me right to a place I never wanted to end up. 


From there, I began uncovering a different approach. And, when I began to make those shifts in my approach to my wife and my marriage, everything seemed to click right into place. 


Right before my eyes, my wife opened up in front of me. She began to adore me again. I saw myself grow in her eyes - her respect, her admiration, her love for me - it was more evident than ever before.


But even more amazing - the rest of my life seemed to fall into place, as well. 


My business began to grow even more.  My faith began to flourish. I became healthier, happier, and wealthier. And I came home every night to a partnership that was richer, more passionate, more fun, and more fulfilling than I ever could have imagined.


The truth is, my brother, if you want continued success in your life - your marriage is where it all starts. 


But to get there you have to take radical responsibility for the kingdom you want to build.


The revelations I came to as a result of this epiphany saved my marriage. And since then, I’ve dedicated myself to helping other men rebuild happy, healthy, nurturing marriages that exceed their wildest dreams. 


Our approach has helped thousands of men save their marriages, rekindle the spark with their wife, and, ultimately, create the lives they were meant to live. 


In just 8 weeks, these men have transformed their relationships and are becoming the husbands, fathers, leaders and professionals they were destined to be. 


Will you be next? 

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Access the 5 PROVEN Shifts that You can Start Making Right NOW to Save Your Marriage in as Little as 8 Weeks.

Client Success: Dave & Tracy Fary - a Love Story

Learn how Dave won Tracy's heart and head back to the marriage, even after she had already moved out -- and see how that changed his life, her life, and the life of his children forever!

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In Our Conversation, You Will Discover…


  • How to Rebuild the Foundation for a Marriage that Empowers You Both to be the Best Versions of Yourself and Becomes the Foundation for Massive Success in Every Area of Your Life. 


  • Why the Roadmap You Were Told to Follow to Create a Successful Business is Actually Getting in the Way of Helping Your Marriage Flourish (And What to Do Instead to Make Sure ALL Areas of Your Life THRIVE). 


  • Why Traditional Marriage Counseling is a Complete Waste of Time…and the Simple Process We Use Instead to Get to the Root of the Problem Once and For All


  • How this Method Works - Even if She’s Not on Board With Saving the Relationship (Yet), and why it Creates Predictable Results Time and Time Again. 


  • The Specific Reason Why This Proven Approach Has Helped Over 10,000 Men Rescue Their Marriages From the Brink of Failure And Rebuild the Foundation For a Playful and Passionate Partnerships that Serves as the Launchpad for Massive Success in Their Lives. 

Whether You’re a Business Owner, an Entrepreneur, a Father, or Friend,

Your Marriage Impacts EVERYTHING.


Develop a Partnership that Serves as a Powerful Force for Good in ALL Areas of Your Life. 

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Join a Christian Brotherhood of Businessmen and Entrepreneurs Who Refused to Settle for Less, Took Radical Responsibility for Lives, and Re-Built Nurturing, Healthy Partnerships That Exceeded Their Wildest Dreams…

Client Success: David Hunley

Learn how David started with his wife living under another roof, having come home to ask for a divorce so she could pursue another relationship. 

In less than 8 weeks, David had repaired his marriage, and his wife moved back into his home. 

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Client Success: Abe D.

Learn how Abe was on the brink of divorce, and didn't even know it until he started this program, got his wife talking, and found out where her heart and mind were.

Eight weeks in, Abe had turned it all around and his marriage remains strong, now, 5 years later.

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Client Success: Mike L.

Learn how Mike undid years of marital damage from prioritizing his business over his marriage, and turned everything around in less than eight weeks.

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Are You Ready to Fix Your Marriage Once and For All, Win Your Wife’s Heart Back, and Create a “Have it All” Marriage that Will Last a Lifetime? 


I’m Ready to Save my Marriage, Show Me How!

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